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XLX is a national high-tech enterprise, awarded the "national synthetic ammonia industry leader of energy efficiency benchmarking enterprise" honorary title by the national ministry of industry and China petroleum and chemical association during 2011-2017for seven years.XLX achieves zero wastewater discharge and ultra-low emissions during production in the fertilizer industry.

XLX economic cycling industrial park has been set up as national model and awards highest level of AAAAA in the environmental evaluation by Ministry of Environmental Protection and China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association.

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At present, we have successfully developed products for the chemical industry, agriculture, vehicles and other industries, and continue to upgrade and iterate while expanding the application of more industries.

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Domestic first-class chemical products

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Society responsibility

environmental protection sustainabledevelop

we insist onGreen environmental protection, sustainable developmenIn order to make our life better, we should build a green circular economy industrial demonstration park!

Enthusiastic public welfare, report society!

With the least social resources to create the greatest social benefits, honest work for the society, wholeheartedly service, is committed to become China's most respected chemical enterprise group.

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Henan XinlianXin Chemicals Group Company Limited

In the future, we will actively respond to the requirements of social and industrial upgrading and development, focus on "technology innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, service innovation", focus on improving the professional level of marketing services, highlight the "China efficient fertilizer advocate", "leading product brand industry" strong brand positioning

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